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Originally Posted by Supercourse View Post
I thought when xDrive has been discussed before, BMW's explanation is that it is only pure RWD under very limited circumstances (such as when parking, ABS activated, over 112 m.p.h.).

Under most conditions, it's a 40/60 split.


The xDrive PDF referenced does attempt to explain how the servo motor on the transfer case works to actuate the clutch packs in the transfer case.
Yes, I meant to say rear-bias. Basically what this actuator does is to tell the TC how much torque to pass onto the front wheels. So the theory that doesn't turn 360* sounds right.

Or maybe it *could* turn more but only on cases when full traction is needed to the front wheels which will depend on the individual driving conditions. Maybe this "spot" is the one that gets more use, therefore wearing out faster.

It would be nice if they'd sold an "Actuator Rebuilding kit" instead of selling the whole unit as a replacement.
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