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Originally Posted by dnwong View Post
My brake wear sensor went off at 107,000 miles. I got the car at 58K so I assume these are the original pad/rotors.
I doubt it (based solely on my experience).

When I first joined Bimmerfest, my very first post resulted in a four wheel brake pad & rotor DIY (you guys talked me into it, I swear!).

That was at about 75K miles & I replaced the pads with OEM Jurids in the front and OEM Textar in the rear. I think the rotors were ATE (it's all in this thread):
- One user's example of a complete brake job with all torque figures, specs, measurements, fluids, decisions, tools, tricks, mistakes, suppliers, costs, etc., that it entails (1)

At about 95K miles, I needed to replace the front Jurids (this time I replaced with PBR/Axxis Deluxe Advanced); and just last week, at 102K miles, I had to replace the rear Textars (again, with PBR/Axxis Deluxe advanced, at $42 + tax from NAPA in San Jose, due to the grinding urgency of the matter ... i.e., the 'tabs' on the outboard pad ground into the rotor BEFORE the brake wear sensor on the inboard pad was even touched!).

I drive rather sedately, probably averaging about 70mph on the highway when the traffic level is low, and I hit the hills about once a week over to Santa Cruz (about 3000 feet up and then down in about 16 miles of driving). The hardest braking I've ever done is the occasional panic stop and the brake-bedding procedures in the beginning.

The front rotors had a few thousandths left to them but the rears were down by four or five thousandths (details are amply provided in that thread so all this is from memory).

Point is, I would think it highly unlikely you got that much wear out of the original rotors and pads, based solely on my experience.

As for the most often recommended pads, rotors, & suppliers see this bestlinks:
- What E39 street use brake pads (1) and rotors (1) and suppliers (1) (2) are most often recommended

Note: Your question of Akebono versus OE is covered in those references above.

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