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What specific gravity test tool do most of you use to test your battery?

Originally Posted by pleiades View Post
I wouldn't pay Autozone's price again
What is cheaper?

I can't find anything cheaper yet, at least by calling all the local stores:
  • Autozone
  • Kragen (owned by O'Reilly)
  • O'Reilly
  • Napa
  • Pep Boys
Originally Posted by pleiades View Post
The battery compartment in an e39 trunk has two or three screw holes for the bottom clamp, to handle batteries of different lengths.
I took my battery out today, and I see what you mean; it looks like there is plenty of room for shorter-length batteries than the BMW battery.

Originally Posted by pleiades View Post
it's somewhat lighter than the original BMW unit.
I see what you mean; it was difficult to get out of that deep trunk compartment!

My BMW battery is 720 CCA; I think the Duralast is more so I'm surprised it's lighter.

Originally Posted by Monkeyking View Post
Picked up the duralast 49-DL today at autozone.
I don't make decisions that easily. I am still debugging mine. I took the vent caps off. Added 15 ml to most of the cells; had to add 60 ml to one and 30 ml to another though. Then I charged it for a few hours. Pegged the needle at 6 amps for about an hour; then dropped down to 3 or 4 amps.

From googling, I find that most American batteries are made by three companies:
- Consumer Reports: Car Battery Buying Guide

Originally Posted by consumer reports
Most auto batteries are made by just three manufacturers:
  • Delphi
    • ACDelco
    • & some EverStart batteries (Wal-Mart)
  • Exide
    • Champion
    • Exide
    • Napa
    • & some EverStart batteries
  • Johnson Controls Industries
    • Diehard (Sears)
    • Duralast (AutoZone)
    • Interstate
    • Kirkland (Costco)
    • Motorcraft (Ford)
    • & some EverStart batteries
My BMW battery seems to be made by "DBMC, Winston - Salem, North Carolina", which turns out to be Douglas Battery, which is the OEM battery manufacturer for BMW, in America (apparently).

BTW, I couldn't find a battery chart on the Costco website; but I did find this chart on a private web site that agreed that Costco doesn't list the available batteries online as of February 2011:
- Costco California, Kirkland Auto Batteries, summary

Unfortunately, they don't seem to have the group 49 battery.

Since Johnson Controls Industries makes the vaunted Duralast 49-DL, I will probably pick one up tomorrow if the battery fails the specific gravity test.

BTW, what specific gravity tester do most of you use (since I have to buy one tomorrow)?

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