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The problem with the research above is that I'm typing my vehicle (2002 BMW 525i sedan) into their battery locators, which only give me the BMW-official sizes (apparently).

So, it's hard to compare prices with the (slightly off-size & cheaper) Duralast 49-DL equivalent batteries, simply because they don't show up in any of the searches.

Of the batteries that do show up, the only one that is close to the Duralast in specs & price is:
  • $105 + 9% tax, Bosch 49-850B, 850 CCA, 140 reserve minutes (Pep Boys)
  • $105 + 9% tax, Duralast 49-DL, 850 CCA, 150 minutes reserve capacity (Autozone)
Of course, now that I've exhausted the 'proper' battery searches, I should then do the more generic search suggested by QSilver7:
Originally Posted by QSilver7
look for any 49/H8 or 95/H9 battery class size
I see also someone by the name of "Q" (BMW CCA Member #191509) has a thread on suggesting the same thing!
- You can use any 49/H8 or 95/H9 battery of your choosing...there
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