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The goal is to learn as much as possible & to teach (with photos) as many as possible

Originally Posted by dvsgene View Post
So did you ask them why the silly website says "Does Not Fit'?
Again, you know me well.

Of course I asked them WHY.

The counter guy wasn't sure, but, he surmised it was because it 'was' smaller in height and length (if only slightly); and, more importantly, it has the vent hose in entirely the wrong position.

In fact, when you install the vent hose adapter that comes with the battery, and then when you put the battery in the vehicle, there is a VERY GOOD CHANCE that the vent hose will collapse unbeknownst to the owner (unless he's aware of this) ...

This is due to the geometry of the battery compartment, where a plastic piece juts out exactly where the collapsible vent hose lies.

So, it 'is' a bit dangerous if you're not aware of this misfit.

Originally Posted by AnotherGeezer View Post
I just had AAA come out and replace it
Just to be clear, the goal, in this case, isn't just to fix the problem and move on.

I'm not saying there's anything wrong with single-minded goal of just fixing it ... but I was trying to both re-write the battery-testing DIY (which I did rewrite based on this experience) and learn from the endeavor. (EDIT: I have plenty of time & the weather out here is phenomenal, day or night, so it's a tropical paradise compared to what some of you have to deal with when testing YOUR batteries!).

Here is a picture, of the problem fixed, for example:

Originally Posted by dalekressin View Post
the Duralast battery replacement took me ~20 min
It's worth repeating that the goal here isn't to just fix the problem. That's what mechanics do. Day in and day out. Nothing wrong with that. But that's no fun.

If I thought 'that' were fun, I'd be a mechanic!

I'd bet they don't take pictures of every step, analyze all their options, experiment, research, ask questions, autopsy, and report back and discuss every minute detail. Do they?

I'm trying to learn as many things as I can, and to show others as much as I can. Yes, even the mistakes are instructive.

Here, for example, is the vent hose highlighted that I overlooked when I had removed the original battery:

Since the Duralast vent opening is in the center of the battery, far from the end of the vent hose from the BMW, it wasn't obvious to me, before I did this, HOW that, rather rigid, vent hose was going to reach the middle of the Duralast battery. (Is it obvious to you?)

Originally Posted by Fudman View Post
looks like your battery is dead
Absolutely no doubt the battery is dead. Actually, I knew that already because I had stopped by Autozone (sans camera, unfortunately), the day before to have them test it in situ. I wrote up all the steps they performed in the how-to-test-a-battery DIY, so others would benefit.

Knowing the battery is bad shouldn't stop us from having fun learning as much as we can. Especially since our DIY for testing the battery was so lousy before I updated it, based on all the steps performed here (so others benefit, as always).

BTW, here's the Autozone hand-held unit that showed the battery was bad in vitro. I watched the guy input the temperature (he simply guessed), append the CCA (for the load), and add few other variables before running his tests.

Originally Posted by dvsgene View Post
until an autopsy has been performed.
You know me well!

I wanted to do an autopsy. It would be fun. But the counter guy talked me out of splashing H2SO4 all over myself!

He told me it's illegal to cut open the battery and not dispose of it properly. And that I'd lose my core charge (although it was only 12 bucks). I hesitated, but, then I just let him have it. Afterward, I felt badly, giving up my redox reaction science experiment so easily ... without a fight.

At least I got a chance to watch and ask questions while he tested it. Here he puts it in a covered 'bomb-proof' door, just in case it explodes under test. Rest assured I made him test the new one too!

Originally Posted by AnotherGeezer View Post
Exhaustive being the key word in that statement.
This thread is intended to show a newbie all the steps.

I'm always amazed how much must be 'obvious' to you guys that isn't at all obvious to me (like how to make the BMW vent hose, that only reaches to the side of the battery, reach to the MIDDLE of the new battery).

Like this:

Originally Posted by piperguy View Post
I would've been at the battery shop, back, had a new one in and on to another project "days ago"
I ask these rhetorical questions nicely ... to prove a point:
  • Q1: How many DIYs have you written for the team?
  • Q2: How much research have you summarized, for the team?
  • Q3: How many parts autopsies have you reported on for the team?
  • Q4: How many tough BMW problems have you helped solve & report on for the team?
  • Q5: How many relatively easy BMW problems have you made even easier for others to solve by documenting what to do, and more importantly, what not to do?
  • etc.
Point is, the goal isn't to just solve the problem and run. That's what mechanics are for.

The goal is to have fun; LEARN as much as we possibly can; and to TEACH as many as we can.

If all we wanted to do was solve the problem, then I wouldn't be snapping pictures inside an Autozone to give the users an idea of what it's like testing the battery there.

I'd just pay my $115 to Autozone at the counter, and be done with the entire job!

Like this!
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