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Originally Posted by dvsgene View Post
I am sure if BB wants a Dekka, we'll have the details soon enough.
I think the confusion is partly due to TWO DIFFERENT lists of batteries.

The list I generated for this thread is merely a search of a SPECIFIC vehicle (namely the 2002 BMW 525i sedan) at SPECIFIC recommended LOCAL web sites (namely at Autozone, Kragen/O'Reilly's, Pep Boys, Napa, Winchester Auto Parts, etc.).

There 'is' a more complete list in this thread:
- How to test a BMW battery & alternator at home

You'll note that this more complete list, based on reading scores of 'what battery?' threads, contains the Deka ...

What battery to buy:
  • OEM specs are Group 49, 720 CCA, vented
    • BMW
    • USA 729905-10
    • EN 12V 90Ah 720A
    • SAE 160 RC 720 CCA.
  • Aftermarket batteries (simply look for any Group 49/DIN H8 or Group 95/DIN H9 battery class size as per these threads (1) (2))
    • Duralast 49-DL (Autozone, Walmart) <=== this is the most often recommended battery!
    • Duralast Gold 94R-DLG, 730 CCA, 140 min reserve capacity
    • Duralast Gold 95R-DLG, 850 CCA, 110 min reserve capacity
    • Duralast Gold H8-DLG, 760 CCA, 100 min reserve capacity
    • Deka 649MF
    • Interstate Mega-Tron II
    • Interstate Mega-Tron Plus
    • Interstate MTP-93
    • Interstate H9-110VW (MTP-H9)
    • Batteries Plus Werker 95R-LI
    • Bosch 94R 730B (Pep Boys)
    • Bosch 49-850B (Pep Boys)
    • PS Platinum 95R850PP (Pep Boys)
    • Optima 34R
    • Odyssey 1700
    • Sears Die Hard 49
    • Super Start 94REXT (Kragen, O'Reilly)
    • Super Start 94REXTJ (Kragen, O'Reilly)
    • Super Start 95R72J (Kragen, O'Reilly)
    • Exide Classic 49-60 (850 CCA)
    • Exide Classic 94R-60 (730 CCA)
    • Exide Global Extreme L4/94R-E108 (790 CCA)
    • Exide Global Extreme L5/49-E108 (900 CCA)
    • Napa Legend International, BAT 7595R, 850 CCA, 190 min reserve
    • Napa Legend International, BAT 7549, 900 CCA, 185 min reserve
    • Napa Legend International, BAT 9849, 850 CCA, 170 min reserve
    • Napa BAT 8449, 900 CCA, 185 min reserve
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