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Originally Posted by QSilver7 View Post
they usually sell them for somewhere between $75-$79
As always, this is great information from Saint Q himself!

I couldn't find prices anywhere near those!

The (unintuitive) trick, of course, is NOT to look for a battery for your specific car, but, to look for those battery sizes that are known (empirically, by others) to work!

Is this the right list of 'sizes' known to work?
  • Group 49/DIN H8
  • Group 95/DIN H9
  • Group 48
  • Group 94R
BTW, I did check Walmart, but only from their web site (which was useless for automotive batteries) and from calling a couple of stores nearby:
  • Walmart, 777 Story Road, San Jose, 408-885-1142
  • Walmart, 5502 Monterey Hwy, San Jose, 408-363-9050
In hind sight, it was a waste of time 'calling' Walmart. They kept sending me over to the sporting & outdoor departments, and nobody would answer. I finally gave up. (Perhaps I should have 'visited' them.)

BTW, the 'venting' on the Duralast 49-DL is, shall we say, somewhat 'problematic'.

See details in this thread:
- Pictorial discussion of charging, testing, removing, & replacing the BMW E39 battery

By way of summary, here is a picture of my original somewhat rigid BMW vent which is designed for a side-vented battery:

Here is a sequence that shows, if you're not careful, that you can quite easily crush the flexible hose between the heavy battery and the plastic box jutting out just at the wrong point of the battery compartment!
For the record, these next pictures show why, I think, Autozone shows the Duralast 49-DL as NOT fitting the BMW E39:

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