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Mein Auto: E34 Touring AC Schnitzer
yes shes coming along. the only exterior visual things to do now:

1/ lower suspension - not sure if i want to go the bag, coilover or static routes. All have thier pros and cons, and are each worth the money for different reasons. that said i dont want to regret my decision, im just mulling it over. I can always get money back from a better static setupup, but the coils and bags have a very limited resale here, being E34 which arent commonly modified from what ive seen.
2/ I am thinking about getting some of the three peice 18" schnitzer for it with a bit of dish. this would be the last thing i do, as big money for little gain. Also have another set of wheels id like to part with cash for, but not sure on those either.
3/ Prehaps the only definate further exterior mod: I need to order a right inner tailight as the inner ones on at the moment, while uncracked, are spidered. have the left one...
4/ Not too sure on if i should go for the wider facelift/v8 grills or stick with the standard narrow ones as fitted now.

interior and engine bay will be were most of the remaining spending is going.

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