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Originally Posted by AnotherGeezer View Post
In this situation I think you're confusing "simple-minded" with "single-minded".
I agree. I'm sorry for the connotation my words may have conferred. My fault. I changed it in the prior post from simple-minded to single-minded & I added that the weather out here is tropical, day or night, and that I have a LOT of time (not having worked for almost two years). That's how I can spend the time (it took hours) to fix the battery-test DIY so others can just follow the procedure.

Originally Posted by AnotherGeezer View Post
Ever change a battery in sub-freezing weather, at 6am, right before work?
I lived in the east coast for decades. I 'know' what reasonably cold weather is like. It's miserable! Aluminum door handles break off in your hands; keys won't go in the ignition; you drive your first few miles peering through the blinds of ice & snow melting off the windshield; the days are short and the nights are freezing; you can't use proper gloves so the tools stick to your hands. The ferocious wind & freezing temperatures make everything, even simple things like debugging a battery, a disconsoling task. It's so much more fun here in California for doing work outside, any time, day or night, winter, or summer. About the worst that happens here is that drizzly rain for weeks on end accompanied by a warmish wind from the ocean. People out here call 'that' a 'storm'.

Originally Posted by AnotherGeezer View Post
Why buy a membership to AAA if you don't use it?
I've used AAA many times!

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