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Originally Posted by QSilver7 View Post
all 3 batteries (Duralast (AutoZone)/AutoCraft Titanium (Advanced Auto)/Interstate) are ALL manufactured by Johnson Controls.
I was going to mention the post the past few people are responding to was quite possibly a troll (I have that particular poster on ignore but I surmise this from the responses).

Originally Posted by QSilver7 View Post
  • Interstate MTP-93 - vents from the top center
  • Duralast 49 DL - vents from the top center
  • AutoCraft Titanium 49-1 - vents from the top center
It's interesting that the VENTING is the biggest difference between the OEM and the suggested alternatives. Thanks for summarizing that so well for these batteries.

Originally Posted by QSilver7 View Post
the best thing to do is look for the correct battery class size ...then compare the specs and prices that work for your particular application.
This is the kind of empirical information we need!

So that others benefit, I added your 4-size recommendations to the canonical thread on testing the battery. I referenced back here so as to leverage all your work without having to repeat it! I always try to leverage your stuff because it's just so good!

Originally Posted by pleiades View Post
the original BMW version has a gap that I found useful to channel the Duralast vent hose across the terminal and through and into the car-side hose. Works better for me than routing the hose around the positive terminal corner.
That's a GREAT IDEA!

I think the biggest problem with the Johnson Controls Duralast 49-DL is that the vent hose 'might' get pinched (which is likely why it's never listed as a direct 1:1 replacement in the 'official' battery searches).

So, anything we do to alleviate that pinching, is something we must report so that OTHERS don't end up with exploded batteries due to ignorance of these tricks.

Luckily, it just so happens that I don't think I gave Autozone my old red battery terminal cover. So, I'll try out your suggestion and post a picture if it works well!

In addition, if it works, we need to get the word out so that others know not to return the red plastic battery cap cover!
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