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Originally Posted by pleiades View Post
The positive terminal plastic cover on the original BMW batteries will fit into the Duralast battery because the "feet" have the same spacing
Here is a picture of the 'feet'. The spacing is very similar although the more substantial BMW positive terminal cover is better built all around.

I found it only slightly difficult to press fit the little feet into the holes in the Duralast 49-DL battery - but overall - it's a much nicer component than the flimsy Johnson Controls piece.

Originally Posted by pleiades View Post
but the original BMW version has a gap that I found useful to channel the Duralast vent hose across the terminal and through and into the car-side hose.
Hmmmm... I don't see what you're talking about - but - I do see that the BMW positive terminal cover is muuuch more undulate than the cheaper flatter Johnson Controls cover.

Would you kindly snake a drawn arrow where you're suggesting we route the flimsy battery vent tube (this will help me, and also everyone to follow in our footsteps - so it should be worth the effort):

Originally Posted by QSilver7 View Post
shortens the distance from the battery's vent hole to the side of the car...and allows the tube to amble over to the car's vent tube.
That idea should work!

Notice in the picture above and in the picture below, the elbow of the Johnson Controls battery vent tube extension is pinched by the plastic sides of the BMW E39 battery compartment.

I understand what you say and will see if I can shorten the battery side of that flexible elbow, in the hopes that it prevents it from being pinched (for others, please look here for what happens if the vent tube isn't venting).

Originally Posted by QSilver7
Here's a pic of the OE cap that covers the positive battery cover...installed on a Duralast 49 DL
And, here's a QSilver7 picture of a similar (maybe even the same?) battery showing that the Duralast 49-DL vent elbow isn't pinched in all cases; at least this QSilver7 picture seems to show slightly more room for the elbow than I seem to have in my battery compartment.
- E39 (1997 - 2003) > Battery Weak found Replacement

Originally Posted by QSilver7 View Post
make sure...positively make sure...that they INSTALLED THE VENT tube to the battery. You do NOT want to be driving around with the battery NOT vented. If it's an EXIDE mfg'd battery, then the battery's vent hole should be on the side of the battery like the original BMW battery that was installed. So you won't be able to see it because it's on the side of the battery by the positive battery post. If it is a Johnson Control mfg'd battery...then the battery vents from the top center (like the Duralast pictured below).
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