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Originally Posted by alphaod View Post
I've read through the thread and it looks like the main reason to not do the mod is because it would be detected by the DME and therefore void your warranty.

So why don't you clear whatever error codes you have and replace the DME if your engine blows up?

Sorry, not very knowledgeable on this….
Error codes are only part of the issue- these can be reset, but the murkier issue is can BMW detect operational parameters and surmise that the car was modified?

Also, you don't just 'pop in' a DME (actually a DDE) like it is a spark plug: It must be programmed. And even if somehow you got it programmed, the operating history would be blank and BMW may deny.

Two truths:

1. BMW holds the gold, if they want to deny you are stuck in an expensive challenge.

2. There is a low likelihood of failure, and there is much you can do to minimize risk (risk of a failure due to the programming, risk of detection wherein an unrelated failure is blamed on the flash)... but not totally eliminate it. Just recognize that at the end of the day there is residual risk.

I flashed my 996TT with 24k miles, still under warranty, and have enjoyed it ever since. (and some other goodies too) Given the use of the X5d will be horse saddles and groceries, I'd likely not bother with it...
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