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For the record, in response to a 'what brand of oil' question over here:
- E46 (1999 - 2006) > First Oil change (brand of OIL)

One reply was:
The main point is we analyzed why so many people ask the same question, and, why, at the same time, there was no easy agreement like there is on other issues.

We found out, collectively, that it's a dogmatic issue - and therefore - like religion - has no true right or wrong answer - while - at the same time - has a right answer for everyone (which depends on the doctrine they wish to believe in).

We also looked far and wide to find to find evidence of engines 'ruined' by conscientious use of non-BMW-approved quality oils (e.g., Mobil1 10W40) ... and found nothing to support the oft-stated claims.

In addition, we looked at 'similar' engines - and again - found nothing to substantiate sole use of any one of the three doctrines.

Like religions, they all serve the same purpose to the same end.

The beauty of this analysis was that we simplified the results so that there was no disagreement - among similar doctrines.

If someone asks 'which oil', we merely need to determine 'which doctrine', each of which has their clearly defined favorite oils!
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