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Go Away

Originally Posted by deafwish View Post
Why the hell would you want more sound coming from the back?! Lol!
I'm surprised you haven't suggested a pair of boot mounted 6x9's for some of these upgrades...
Crenninger - I suggest you go to a Professional Car Audio establishment & get some professional advice from people who specialise in CAR AUDIO.
You will be humoured as to how much their advice contradicts what so many 'internet experts' advise.
Good luck!
What is wrong with you? All you do is come out and slam me any chance you get. Sorry but I have 30+ years professional experience in audio and electronics. I hold two degrees in engineering one is an EE and the other in RF as well as certifications from the SBE and Microsoft.At 12 started working at installing car stereos and did this on and off for almost another 15 years. I have worked all over the world and hold design patents for several key audio components for major companies like Disney and ABC. I currently work at Sirius/XM as an engineer and just worked on setting up processing on their music channels based on the average car interiors acoustics.

Subsequently, I have installed stereos in three X3's personally and helped over several dozen others with their work. Including car dealerships and Crutchfield magazine as they considered me an expert and wanted my professional advice. Even Geico Insurance has qualified me as an expert in car audio for insurance purposes.

The speakers in the rear door are closer to the drivers head then the ones in the front. If you knew anything about audio you would understand a concept called dispersion and how to use attack and release times to alter acoustics.

I suggested he started with changing out those first, but recommend you change all four out the same.

I'm not trying to pat myself on the back, but when you criticize me personally and professionally you step over the line and violate this websites policy (on personal attacks) as well as just plain good manners. Audio is essentially my entire life.

I can provide the full acoustic mapping for any seating position in the vehicle, I also have retro engineered most of the electrical schematics of the X3's audio system and wiring. Don't know you can get any more "professional" than that.

Please feel free to add some positive feedback as that is what this board is for instead of hijacking it to feed your ego by trying to put me down.
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