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I JUST GOT MY E93! So adorable!!!

Hi guys! Finally, after searching and researching for few months, I happen to have to my first Bimmer in my life! It is 2007 E93 with 15000 miles. I just drove the car for 2 hours today and it was absolutely amazing. There's nothing like fluttering sound and there's nothing like leakage for me : ) I just found myself cannot bearing the top up and longing for top down even with the loud and ugly engine sounds from the other cars on the road lol.

The prior owner just changed the brake pads, oil, and the tires. So it seems like I can ride this for 3000 miles without worrying about the other maintenance! However, the thing is that I do not have any maintenance plan or extended warranty so I am all by myself. Is there anyone who can recommend me a great independent shop near San Francisco? I also have thought to get the extended warranty from the BMW dealer but people usually say that it does not worth that much money...

Oh, and I am trying to change my headlight with bright and pure angel eyes! Is there any suggestion for this? I mean like, preferred product or company! : ) As soon as I get my angel eyes, I will post some pics : ) It's more than honor to be in this forum with my bimmer!!! It seems like the car would not make any problem in near future, but I would like to make sure everything is okay for the distant future.

And is there anyone who replaced his or her tail lights with 2011 model's lights? I think I should visit EAS someday to do all the modification lol. Can't wait to drive tomorrow!!!

Thank you all very much for helping this newbie out : ) Have a nice day and good night and sweet BIMMER dream : )
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