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Originally Posted by deafwish View Post
Certainly not a personal attack - just questioning your bizzare car audio philosophy!
I'm allowed to do that, aren't I?
Have the terms 'staging', 'imaging' or 'time alignment' ever been considered in your car audio designs? I'm thinking not...
Have you ever attended or competed in a car audio SQ Competiton?
Having Engineering Degrees & experience in DJ'ing at school prom's is a different kettle of fish.
I too, am offering advice to the end user & suggesting that they consider getting the (free) advice of a professional who specializes soley in car audio i.e. a Car Audio Shop.
It frustrates me when internet 'experts' give shady advice. If you wish to call me names & say I'm stroking my ego - then you are the arrogant one.
Bah. The other guys who had previously questioned your 'advice' have clearly moved on. You can lead a horse to water!
I have made my life's career all about music and technology. When you say my advice is shady or seek a professional shop you are insulting me and that is not offering constructive advice it is simply being a troll.

My credentials and experience far exceed the average or even hi end car installer and speak for themselves. If you read what I stated instead of figuring out what to call me next you would know that.

Also, I suggest that the weekend installer start with the back doors for pragmatic reasons. Most of the BMW x3's don't have air bags in the rear doors, so it makes it easier to start out there

And yes time alignment and the use of both a wavetek scope and digianalyzer were used in the set up of designing my sound system since the inital placement of door speakers and the others don't lend themselves to good acoustics. I offered to provide that information as well if you had read the post.

Please feel free to start your thread on all the car installations you did and provide step by step instructions as well as pictures. Maybe you will supply your professional credentials as well.

And,you go right ahead and keep bashing me, and I will go right on helping people. Most people like you eventually are kicked off the board or realize that their kind of advice is not welcome and have "moved on".

I'm done with you and this conversation I wish you fair journey and good luck.
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