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I don't like where BMW is heading lately. Too much crossover between the models. I agree with sigma95, it's not as easy anymore to differentiate the 5 and 7 series and i would go as far as to say that 3 series is not that different either. It seems that size is the main factor that separates the 3, 5 and 7 series and it starts to become boring.
True that BMW sales have gone through the roof, but so did Toyota at some point and i don't think that's necessarily a good thing. Not trying to compare the two car manufacturers, it would be near to impossible, but i think BMW is starting to become a common car, like so many others. Of course, one couldn't blame BMW for trying to increase sales by diversifying the offer, that's what they want the most, but i can see this damaging the brand in the long run.
Not to mention that some new models they came up with in the last few years are ugly as hell, and X1 takes the first place in that poll. Personally, i could never see the point of making the X3, only to have to beef up the X5 afterwards and then they built the horrendous X1. The 1 series isn't scoring any points with me in the aesthetics department either. But that's just my opinion and the large number of X1 on the road here in europe proves that the BMW is becoming ever more popular and a common sighting these days.
I feel that the desirability of owning a BMW has decreased dramatically. The new BMW lacks a certain "feel" that the old BMW had and that played a huge role in making it one of the most wanted car brands in the world.
The longer this trend continues, the more a find myself drifting away from BMW and being attracted to the other major car manufacturers like Audi or Mercedes. I love BMW, but don't agree with the direction towards which is heading.
And having made this point, about the X4 i can only say:
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