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For the record, a side discussion of which tensioners are adjustable went on today over here ...
- E39 (1997 - 2003) > Battery light on..

Originally Posted by QSilver7 View Post
I'm not sure how the I6 is set up...but on the V8 (M62/M62TU) you tighten the tensioner by using 2 sockets, or 2 wrenches, or a combination of the both. You need a 17mm socket or wrench and a 13mm socket or wrench.

When the 13mm bolt is loosened (it's the one that goes thru the slotted part that allows for movement to loosen or tighten) place a 17mm socket or wrench on the 17mm bolt (on the right) and turn/push it counter clocwise. This puts tension on the belt/pulley...while turning/pushing the wrench on this 17mm tighten the 13mm bolt preferably with a socket wrench.

This is how you put tension on the pulley for the V8. For those that have the it the same type of set-up?

(image by Arbysnight from BimmerBoard)


(#8 = the 13mm bolt & #9 = the 17mm bolt in the image above)

Originally Posted by pleiades View Post
Best I can tell, it's not adjustable on the i6 cars.
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