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Based on cn90's recommendation today in this thread:
- How not to change your oil in your E39 (stripped drain plug)

Originally Posted by cn90 View Post
I have learned this the hard way over the years. Now for every car I have at home, I always go to dealer (it does not matter if it is a BMW, Toyota, Honda, or Volvo etc.) and buy a spare drain plug and store it in the glovebox to save you time/hassle later.

How does this look as a recommended parts list for changing your oil?
  • Oil filter (Mann HU925, Mahle, Hengst E106H D34, or BMW P/N 11427512300)
  • Oil filter cap O-ring (91x4mm) <-- often comes with the filter
  • Oil drain plug copper crush washer (A12X17-CU, BMW P/N 07119963151) <-- often comes with the oil filter
  • Hollow oil pan drain bolt (M12x1.5x18, BMW P/N 11131273093) <-- different (solid) bolt for the V8 <-- what size & PN? (BTW, order two!)
  • Two oil filter stem o-rings (7x2.5, BMW P/N 11421744001) <-- replace every five years or so
  • Two dipstick handle o-rings (9x2.2, BMW P/N 11431717666)<-- replace every five years or so
  • 6.9 quarts of motor oil for the I6, 8 quarts for the V8 (BMW LL 2001-approved or equivalent)
NOTE: Pictures are from this thread ...

Note: At the same time you change your oil, some recommend you suction out about 8 ounces (250 ml) of the power steering fluid and replace with Dexron III (realistically Dexron VI) ATF:
- Recommendation to replace power steering fluid at every oil change & periodically clean the PSF filter (1)

So, another related parts list could be:
  • Dexron VI ATF (buy 1 quart)
  • T20 Torx driver (to loosen the filter screen)
  • Power steering fluid reservoir cap o-ring (BMW PN 32 41 1 128 333)
  • Power steering hose clamps <-- often you cut off the old clamps, and a half-inch of hose & reclamp to fix leaks
NOTE: Pictures are from this thread...

NOTE: Here is the alternative 'sock mod' in lieu of replacing the power steering fluid reservoir o-ring:

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