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Originally Posted by cn90 View Post
Thanks bluebee.

However, I have my own personal thoughts about engine oil. Having had a Honda Civic, Volvo etc. with 300K miles using standard dino oil, I have mixed feeling about synthetic and BMW LL01 oils.
If one has money to buy synthetic, by all means, use synthetic.

I am a "practical" kind of person and am also cost-conscious (I have a tight budget to operate the car) and go for the most bang-for-the bucks and since I live in cold climate:

- WINTER: 5W30 synthetic oil for easier cold start.
Whatever brand I can get for $3.99/qt. Menards hardware store here goes on sales quite often and I can buy synthetic for $3.99/qt.

- SUMMER: 10W30 dino oil for $2/qt.

I change my engine oil every 4-5K.
My daily trip is 12 miles/each way.
At 106K, my engine runs smooth like butter.

BMW "LL" is for marketing purpose of long-life oil change and does not sound very scientific at all. So I don't pay attention to LL01 spec. since I change my oil every 4-5K.

My 0.02...
First, I believe Cn90 knows what he's talking about... and I have read such kinds of posts by many others also. I try to stay within specs, but oils are so hard to find and price through the roof. So, I just use any oil as long as it's "good". Right now I'm using Mobil1 0-20 fully synthetic. I normally use 5-30W Mobil1 fully synthetic, or 5-30W Penzoil full synthetic - I mostly stick with Full Synthetic oill in 5-30W, unless a great deal comes along, like this time 0-20W (which I'll be changing in 2,000 miles). I figures it'll be a good way to wash out the engine (with quick oil change within 2K miles). I've got 140K miles. P.S: I usually change within 5K miles.
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