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Originally Posted by oilsschmoils View Post
What utter bollocks! There's a specific spec in the owners manual (LL01) and it even mentions the temporary use of ACEA A3,B3 oil (0/5W30 or 0/5W40) when LL01 isn't available. But wait I forgot that BMWNA forgot to put that info into the U.S owners manual, and consequently we have all this confusion, but on U.S BMW forums. BMWNA have a lot to answer for.
That recent post above from this thread below:
- E46 (1999 - 2006) > First Oil change (brand of OIL)

The response:
I think you wholly missed the point!

In doing so, you unwittingly made my main point!

To wit, some clearly have a 'dogmatic' attachment to the BMW LL/ACAE doctrine. Nothing wrong with that.

But, plenty of other people don't have that dogmatic attachment to the BMW doctrine; they don't disagree with BMW's dogmatic selection of motor oils ... they just have other high-quality oils in mind that work just as well for their BMW.

As in most religious fervor, some (apparently) can't comprehend any other opinion than the LL01/ACEA doctrine clearly espoused by BMW.

On the other hand, others fully understand that dogmatic opinion; yet they simply aren't as fundamentalist about it.

That dogmatic disagreement is fundamentally why there is so many inconclusive 'what oil' discussions on the forums!

For further dogmatic details, see:
- Fundamentally, why are there so many 'what oil' threads?

For further technical details, see:
- How to CHOOSE the right oil for you for your BMW
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