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Originally Posted by James Hamilton View Post
My only real problem was getting the car up and level which is required to make sure the fluid is at the proper level. That is the only way to know you have the right amount of fluid in the transmission. For that reason alone I will never take on the job of changing the transmission fluid again. The exhaust pipes were a problem for me too. Again, in order to know the transmission takes the right amount of fluid is for the motor to be running while you are filling the transmission. If you have to change it again, I would suggest you buying a manual pump instead of using a syringe. I purchased one at Harbor Freight Tools for 7.95 that did the job perfectly. I did not remove the pan as advised by most people I talked to but I doubt if that will be a problem because of the magnets.
Well, dealer quoted $525 for filter change and fluid change (includes parts). Too much money for me.

Ordered gasket, filter, pan bolts and drain plug. $102 total at dealer. Trans supposedly takes 8 quarts of Dexron VI, so about $40 but I doubt I will get 8 out. May just get fluid from BAVAUTO which is more money, about $100 for 10 quarts. Have to buy 1 more pair of jack stands, so whole job should be around $200 to $250 which is worth me doing it.

I really think pan should be removed. That way you can replace filter, clean magnets and assess condition.

Anyone know torque values for GM6 bolts and drain plug? I saw some numbers for the ZF trans which were about 53 inch pounds, so I need a smaller torque wrench too which I can use. Looks like a trip to Sears tomorrow! I will ask service for the values if needed.

Need pump too, which I will get this week.

Job looks messy but not too bad.

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