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Originally Posted by Newbie528 View Post
Many people mentioned the Mobil1 5-30W also.... BUT it's not LL-01 approved.
This thread is asking for advice on how to choose oil for your BMW.

It's clearly not titled "What oil does BMW tell you to use in your engine?".

For that, you need to read:
- What is the definitive list of BMW-approved motor oils (1)

Originally Posted by Newbie528 View Post
why we have so many guys who encourage the "approved" BMW oil, say Mobil1 5-30W is a good choice?
Ummm... because LL01 is just one specification that you can use to select oils, maybe?

Despite what the Germanic M A R K E T I N G team would want you to believe, there 'are' other specifications for motor oil that work perfectly well for similar cars manufactured outside the Bavarian gates.

Originally Posted by Newbie528 View Post
I have put 0-20W (full synthetic) recently. I know it's not the right voscosity recommended.
The viscosity isn't really all that important (within reason). Especially for the area that you live in (I live in the same area). We have to have just about the mildest climate on the planet for cold-start temperatures.

Taken slightly out of context, from a BMW owners manual, read what BMW has to say themselves about viscosity ranges for their approved oils:

Originally Posted by Newbie528 View Post
I needed to change oil quickly, becuase the old oil was getting dirty.
Huh? That makes little sense. How 'critical' can an oil selection be, in terms of immediate time?

I mean, it's not like you need to change your oil while you're stuck in traffic at rush hour with people honking behind you as you're pondering which oil to use while you're in the middle of a suspension bridge which is beginning to open to let the cruise ships through ...

Originally Posted by Newbie528 View Post
this will also flush the engine, and will go back to 5-30W. Is that bad for the car?
Does that question make any sense to anyone reading this?

Is he asking whether changing oils at 2,000 miles instead of, say, 7,500 miles, is 'bad for the car'?

Originally Posted by Newbie528 View Post
not sure if I should use the Mobil1 5-30W (full synthetic, since it's not LL-01 approved)
This thread is about HOW to choose oil.

If LL01 is your schtick, then by all means, ONLY buy LL01 approved oils. Period.

Just bear in mind nobody has ever blown up their engine by using Mobil1 5W30 oil.

It's your choice. It won't matter either way. It's like choosing religions. It makes you feel good; but in the end, no matter your religion, you get eaten by the same worms and your car gets crushed by the same salvage yard no matter which (quality) oil you choose to employ.

For religious details, see:
- BMW motor oil Petrolism & why people choose the oil they do (1)

Originally Posted by Newbie528 View Post
What are you views on the metioned concerns?!!!
Two views.

ONE: You worry too much.
TWO: You really should only use LL01 approved oils from now on!
Note: No rush: you have 7,500 or so miles to make the decision ... but do go back to LL01 when it's time to change your oil ... you'll then feel a 'lot' better about yourself.

Originally Posted by 540 M-Sport View Post
Why do you think 0w-20 will "flush the engine"?....
That's what I was wondering too!

Originally Posted by 540 M-Sport View Post
the Castrol product many of us use ... is Castrol Syntec 0w-30 European Formula.
I hold nothing against Castrol oils, but, on that brand name, you gotta' really hand it to BMW M A R K E T I N G!

Molding "Use Castrol" on the engine itself is a stroke of genius!
- Why does BMW mold "Use Castrol" on the oil filler cap (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)

Originally Posted by 540 M-Sport View Post
Bluebee will tell you it is all about "marketing" and some conspiracy between oil manufacturers and BMW to corner the oil market.
Close. Very close!

BMW marketing is very clever. They know that the typical BMW owner wants desperately to believe that his engine is, somehow, different than all the rest ... and ... by extension ... that 'he' is, somehow, different (better?) than all the rest.

Of course, marketing always requires the gullible; and for that, they have their market almost completely sewn up. It's impressive how well they select their customers, and, if anyone here thinks they spend those millions in marketing costs in vain, let me dispel those notions here and now.

Marketing works! BMW can sell LL01 approved snow to an Eskimo. They're that good! (BTW, I have a few years' experience in marketing myself). The whole point is to saturate logical thinking until it shuts down and you simply follow their leash. It's a game well played.

While marketing messages work best on the most gullible (i.e., the most willing to believe ... ask Goebbels), BMW marketing is so pervasive and determined, that we all succumb (in one way or another) to their marketing hype. It's human nature. We're herd animals to the core.

Originally Posted by 540 M-Sport View Post
If you are uncomfortable or question your actions, the simplest, and safest answer is to simply follow the manufacturer's recommendations:
Exactly what I told him! (Only you said it better & more succinctly than I could have.)

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