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Originally Posted by Dano18 View Post
The something you expect may be nothing I suspect... Blame California

California is Beautiful.. the problem with California is the people who live there ... They allow their State Government to be the Environment Gestapo.. Orwellian even in the way their are PROUD of how Opressed and Ruled they are.
BUT.. to be 50 state "compliant" we must ALL wait for their Government Enviro CZARS to approve the unchanged emisions/drivetrain from last year... I suspect a "payment" is due in the form of exorbitant "FEES" is in order from BMW to the Government extortionists...I mean Agency out there.

The EO is 'under review'.

Why blame California? Didn't BMW know how long this takes???? Haven't they done this in 2009, 2010 for those diesels, and eevry other car they make??? There is not change to the emissions, why didnt BMW submit this a month ago?

If it was a matter of payola, don't you think BMW would pay the fee?

But yes, I think California is way more government then we need...but that is no excuse for BMW not managing this process.

Keep it as simple as possible...but no simpler.
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