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I am still driving that car with the same transmission.
At the time I talked to BMW dealer service department. They said they'd not repair transmissions. They would have to replace it.
I also took it to really good (based on Internet reviews) independent transmission shop in our area. They said it was most likely the bearing on one of the shafts in the transmission although they could not tell more without disassembling it. Although they said it does not make sense to take it apart because they did not have parts to repair it. And I kind of knew that taking it to their shop. They just comfirmed my findings.

What I read was that those are the Getrag transmissions and Getrag did not make any repair kits or any spare parts. The only way to fix it is to send it back to a factory. In other words to buy factory remanufactured transmission.

At the time I figurred if needed I would buy new tranny for like $2-3K from the dealer and would replace it by myself. In meanwhile I have decided to drive it as is until it breaks or becomes much worse. I also played with idea of doing the repair myself, but I could not find any parts as well. And I would probably not start the repair until I had another transmission laying around. Also there are few things in there that require like 30 ton press. That I did not have.

Well it has been over 30000 miles since then. The noise it still there. It does not get any better nor worse. But it is annoying.

I did check for metal shavings in the transmission fluid when I changed it couple of months ago. I did not find any. So it gave me some confidence. Also I always used OEM fluid. And I think I changed the fluid twice already since that time.
Last time I have put in some additive. I do not remember the name of it. But it did not change anything so it does not matter. If situation ever improves I will dig out the name from some place and will report over here.

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