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Cracked Bushings

Hey everyone. So I took my car in for inspection the other day (I've got a 2009 335xi coupe with 20k miles), and I failed my inspection.

The reason for the fail was because of low tread on the inner part of my front right tire (due to excessive negative camber) and the cause of the camber issues was a cracked bushing and leaking shock.

Took the car into BMW service and they are telling me that the bushings may not be covered under my warranty because its a "wear and tear" item. Well for starters, I wholeheartedly disagree with that assessment. Cracked bushings at 20k miles (and to be honest it was more like 15k miles since I've had the rattling noise coming from that part of the car for many months), should not happen. The only explanation is I am either a very aggressive driver who likes to take my car off of curbs, or it was poor workmanship/materials. I assure you that it is the latter.

So now I am worried because I've been searching everywhere to find out whether the bushings are covered under my original factor warranty or maintenance warranty and I cannot find a straight answer anywhere. I know its not covered on the extended and CPO warranties, but then I've read of many people who have had them replaced under the new car warranty. Then again, I've read horror stories where it has not been replaced. Does anyone have any experiences with this? Were your bushings covered under the new car warranty?

Also, as an aside, how is this in BMW's best interests to not fix the bushings? If they don't do it, then I'll have no choice but to keep driving on them, hence leading to a worsening condition to other parts of the vehicle. I don't have the funds to address the problem now, nor do I have the technical know-how to do it myself, so BMW is going to end up with bigger problems down the line. Just seems senseless to me.
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