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Wow, it takes a real asshole to post an anonymous response like this.

Not that I owe you any explanations, but when I heard the sound I did my best to investigate it, but cracked bushings are not exactly something that is easy to spot for someone that doesn't know what they are looking for. I simply chalked the noise off the some inconsequential piece of metal that was loose. Sure hindsight is 20-20.

As for the comments about BMW not resolving the issue at their own future expense, I still think its a valid point. Stop thinking like an emotional idiot for a second and consider what I am saying from a logical business point of view. If you sell someone a car and tell them that everything is covered, all the way down to your wiper blades, then where would they get off telling you that a suspension component which failed due to regular use in regular weather conditions is not covered? That's false advertising. And all of that aside, its a poor business decision, because the car is still drive-able with the bushing problem, but the misalignment can lead to other issues which in fact would be BMWs responsibility. Even if they didnt warranty it, its the type of thing that would not lead to a charge back when you return the car at lease end, so again, its a bad business decision.

And if you must know, I leased the BMW precisely so I wouldn't have to worry about these types of expenses. And also, when I leased it 1 1/2 years ago I had a high paying job, but I have since lost all of that, so who the hell are you to judge me for not being able to pay for $1000s of repairs? At least I have been responsible enough to continue making my payments.

And to think that you have the gaul to call me stupid...
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