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Did a back to back test drive between F10 535I, 550I and 2012 A6...

Looks like i am the odd man here... i know you guys gonna deep fry me for saying this but i felt the interior layout (basically the dash and button/knobs) is pretty good compared to F10.

The knobs are really good... dont feel like plasticy to me .Any ways thats me (To me the best layouts are Infinity and Acura).

and comming to test drive itself i tried to duplicate the severe problem we are having here (Throttle response) i was able to duplicate in 535I (very slightly noticable but not in annoying range) and 550i(its completely neglible you wont even remember the delay once the engine kicks off but you will be in 60 all the time without even knowing it) and 2012 A6 is in between 535i and 550i (You guys should really test drive it) a novice like me felt the difference so you guys will certainly appreciate it.

there are few tech things which are not avaialble in A6 which may be a deal breaker for some, like the 360 view cameras , Auto parking assist, Apps...

configuration is very very simple no confusion, its as simple as configuring a acura or honda. There is package called Innovation package which cost 5900$ and includes entire silicon valley (except the few above)

its basically like master of all jacks but nothing perfect.. if you configure BMW equally you will be around 6-8k below.

But you won't have better options like nappa leather or better selection of interior wood trim etc:-

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