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Finished the project yesterday replaced both of those diverter metal valves at the rear of the engine replaced the two hoses and the Y connection, broke a hose because it was so brittle the thing fell apart. 2 valves $130 each, had to replace the manifold gaskets when I took off the manifold 2 gaskets at $35 a piece the the hose with the Y connection $60 bucks and the hose I broke is two two separate hoses (Lucky me that bmw revised) now 2 at $50 bucks a rip. Total cost was $533.00. Put the whole thing together after about 2 hours and the cars leaks fuel everywhere. Just great. Find out that when I pulled that fuel rail a couple of my injectors stayed inside. There is an O ring on the bottom part but also the top part of the injector. The top o rings slipped off and stayed in the wire harness part without me knowing. When I put the injectors back in the were a little loose which I though was funny but didn't realize what I did. So after removing everything for the second time fixed 3 injectors with no o rings on the top than put it back together. Ran rough than cleared itself out. Turned off the p0491 code and hope like hell that the valve was the problem. If not im guessing it will be a carbon build up problem and Im screwed. I'll keep the update in a couple weeks see if she turns back on, I can just hear that high pitch ding in the back of my head its the worst sound ever when that check engine light comes back on.
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