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Well, I am finished.

Transmission fluid and filter changed, pan and magnets cleaned (magnet had a lot of fine metal attached to it). New gasket installed, used new pan bolts and drain plug, but could have reused. Used old fill plug. Torqued all pan bolts to 10 n-m per my dealership service dept. Did not torque fill and drain (could not get wrench in there) but knew how tight it was coming off and replicated.

6 quarts of fluid out (total fill is 8 quarts, so 75% replaced), 6 quarts in (Liqui Moly Top TEC 1200 ATF) which is a good thing! Test drove, nice and smooth shifting as before (maybe a little smoother, but probably just my imagination). No leaks!

Also changed engine oil and filter. Trying Liqui Moly Long Time High Tech 5W30 full synthetic oil. I will see how it goes this interval.

Also rotated tires and topped off spare.

Next couple of weeks, will change spark plugs and replaced some power steering fluid with new.

Busy, busy, busy!

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