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OK, I tried to install VMware player on my dell D600. It would not install with an error saying that my computer did not have certain features necessary. So I started going back in the versions from 4.0, backwards. The older versions gave me more specific messages, like exactly what CPU instruction was necessary, like CMOV, etc. When I got to 2.5, it finally installed. But it doesn't look like 2.5 will create a virtual machine, it will only run them or an "appliance" if you already have one.

Which version of VMware player works? I might try RDL's image, but I only have a 40Mb HD, so I am not sure how if that will work well.

For that matter, what versions of the VMware workstation might work? Are these untested? I hate to think I bought a computer that is just short of being able to do all this stuff.
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