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Originally Posted by binaryrealm View Post

thanks for all the responses so far.

The power steering pump and hoses are fine also, there is no noises, no whining etc. not even when reaching the normal lockpoints. Steering itself is normal, no excessive power needed. Have compared it to other cars of the same age and it feels exactly the same.

The weird thing for me is that the problem only happens when driving forward and only under load, i.e. it doesn't happen if the car is on the lift.

I'd love to know what causes the steering to lock, there must be something catching the wheel, steering components etc. but what?
Did you install and tighten suspension components while the car was on a lift? Some pieces like to be tightened when the car is on the ground, or the wheels and suspension are loaded. Varies by car, and you would have to consult the service manual to see which ones for your car.
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