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Originally Posted by Luna-01 View Post

Fairly new here. I have received one tow hitch about 5 days ago--now all I need is the car, a 2012. I was quoted $1300 installed for the hitch and electrics--I'd be suspicious of quotes that are for 600 or 700 to install "it"--what does "it" include? To do the hitch, the entire bumper cover has to come off and for the electric, splices have to be made inside the rear fenders. Then the car has to be recoded to interface the trailer electric with the lighting and to suppress parking distance systems--otherwise, the car will freak out every time you back up, thinking you're about to ram your own trailer.

Gone are the days of bolt-on and splice for a trailer hookup....

I received my hitch after 3 tries--the story went on about how Lots of Ten hitch kits were being released..the first two batches are said to have been taken to fill backorders, then they became available at more typical timings.

looking forward to the new car after driving today's version of a buckboard wagon--2008 Honda Element--what was I thinking??????


3-4 hours of installation time for the Execuhitch, including wiring. Took me 5 for my first try. I'm sure I could do it in 4 or less if I did it again. I'm sure that installing the BMW hitch receiver will take a similar amount of time. 4 hours @ $125/hr = $500. $1300 just to install it is a total ripoff.
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