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Originally Posted by jsc View Post
The 2007+ Mini engines were a joint development with PSA Peugeot CitroŽn.
Yes. All current MINI petrol engines are based on the BMW/PSA CitroŽn joint development and are built at Hams Hall in England.

The BMW N13 motor in the F20 uses the same engine block. The N13 is built at Hams Hall. The N13 bottom end is more or less the same as what is in the current MINI Cooper S, but reconfigured for RWD. The top end is updated with the new turbo charger.

The N13 will be in some future MINIs. I'm guessing it will go into the next MINI xxxx S and JCW. 170HP is about right for the S and the JCW will have to be a little higher output. It is also possible the JCW could get a BMW 2.0L I4 motor but that is an uninformed guess.

The 3 cylinder N37 will be going into the upcoming F56 MINI but not into any BMWs. I'm guessing the One and Cooper.

I had thought (guessed wrong?) the N13 was also going to be the range extender motor for the i3 and i8. Latest rumours is the range extender motors will be based on BMW motorcycle engines. link -->

From the time you hit the start button, MINI engines have a distinctive sound and feel that is not BMW. I'll wait until a test drive to see if BMW somehow changed the N13 to be more BMW like.

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