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Originally Posted by RoadstergalZ4 View Post
First of all, the op asked why he did not see many Orion Silver cars at the dealers. I don't know of any BMW dealer that stocks a lot of Z4's in the first place and if they do have one or two in the lot or showroom, it is usually a basic black, white, or an occasional space gray.

Orion Silver was not a fiasco. If it was, they would have pulled the color after one model year like they did with other colors such as Urban Green on the previous generation Z4.

Colors are subjective. Orion Silver changes color depending on the lighting, but for the most part it looks like a shade of silver. I think it looks great on the Z4. It shows the lines well and I get compliments all the time. I traditionally have always had red and white cars and a bllue and gray Z4. I love my color choice and am not worried about trading time, so why don't you keep your negative comments to yourself. You sound like an imbecile.
I dont know why you get so angry.After all we just exchange opinion,even whit a name like Orion silver it is just another shade beige better suit for your grandmother Buick.As for car at the dealers,last summer a sales manager told me he dont want orion silver z4 because they cant get rid of them. same for Havana brown. I dont know why BMW mess around whit such colors I cant imagine a beige C6 or a UPS brown nissan Z but obviously BMW did!
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