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Originally Posted by Billyraymallard View Post
My dealer telling me I can't rely on these forums. Says the problem is actually with the deflector pulley. Absolutely positive. Unfortunately, I have to wait until mid next week to find out. They have to order the part. Will let you know.
Interesting point you bring up.

Dealers DO get VERY defensive and resistive when people come in with "forum print outs" in their hands....and many times rightfully so...BUT.... some TECHNICIANS will admit that often times 'the forums' can pick up on issues well before BMW takes actions.... I had a mechanic shake his head ruefully and say "You guys get this stuff before BMW tells us". (This was the 2009/2010 Diesel Intercooler plausibility fault...I told him is was a sensor and a reporgram, PUMA said "we've never seen this and there is no action recommended'...he read the posts, convinced PUMA to let him do it, and 2 months later BMW issues a recall to....ta da "Change the sensor and reprogram"

The trick is striking a balance, between "hey, I know you guys know what you are doing but read this, there may be an issue here" and "you people are morons, do what this forum says"... and of course, Service Advisors can be pretty imperious- it depends a lot on your relationship, how they view your competence, and how you 'pitch' your ideas, etc

In any event, you've made your point- if he is right, then great...if it turns out you were right you really need to pull him up short and point this out. He cannot reject valid hypothesis' just because someone gets it on the internet....

Good Luck

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