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Originally Posted by bimNaround
In the manual it says to have the brakes checked when the brake warning light comes on. Is this intended indication that it is time to change the brakes? Do you usually have to change the back brake pads at the same time as the front pads. Conventionally, much more of the braking force is generated by the front brakes. Visually on the 330, the back pads and rotor are smaller but not by a whole lot when compared to the front. Maybe total stopping force is more evenly distributed between the front and the back brakes.
My word of caution on the check brakelight seems to be unique to my car, but when my first set wore out, the light NEVER came on. I began to notice a drop in brake performance, and when the pads were checked I believe I had only 2mm of pad left

If I remember correctly the dealer replaced all 4 sets of pads, but only the front rotors. Next time around it will be the whole shebang. Time to start looking for aftermarket parts...

Where was that "who makes the best brakes" thread again?
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