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Originally Posted by sactoken View Post
BMW has two climate control systems, and those are the controls for the basic system. BMW only offers the advanced system on US e90 models (think this is true for all other US BMWs too), and I'm sure the same will be true for the f30. The advanced control panel offers dual temperature controls.

I think I prefer the e90's controls over the f30's. The older system used in the e90 had separate buttons for each vent location (floor/dash/defrost) while the newer system used in the f30 has a single button that you press repeatedly to cycle through all the vent combinations.
Seems the former would be quicker and easier to use - fewer pushes and less need to look at the display. You also lose one possible combination (defrost+dash) in the new system. Granted, that's not a combo you often need but I have used it occasionally. On the other hand, the new system does allow the driver and passenger to set different vent combinations.
I feel the opposite. You have to take your eyes off the road too much with the current climate control system to find the right buttons. One button should be easier. The real problem on the e9X is the controls are too low on the dash and the buttons are too similar. The quality of the controls and feel of the buttons is exemplary though. The F30 controls are higher on the dash which should help.
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