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Originally Posted by Tlon View Post
I leased a 35d last November. . . .

I was not a fan of the diesel from the beginning for a few reasons that may or may not apply to you:

The difference in the engine noise was dramatic to me . . .

Getting diesel was rarely a problem around where I live, but when it was it was annoying. . . .

The steering always felt heavy and sluggish to me . . .

Driving in D mode also felt sluggish, even with the extra torque. Driving in DS mode, though, was great. Really showed with the engine could do. In DS, everything felt smoother, faster, and more appropriate for the engine. So, I drove mostly in DS, but that took away some of the mileage advantage. . . .

The constant DEF warning with a 1000 miles left was really annoying . . .
Tlon, thanks for the write up . . . the points you raise are indeed very valid and are CERTAINLY the ones that one should consider before venturing into a diesel for the first time.

Just out of curiosity - given what you knew about diesels, what were the reasons that got you to try a diesel?

I have a 2011 X5d and my other car is an 8-cylinder, 4.8L petrol engine. You are right about the noise - particularly the note they produce . . . IMO they are both very nice in their own respective ways, can't say I like one better than the other.

Regarding DEF warning, sorry to hear about that, I read that was a software glitch and is now fixed. I have ~24,000 miles on mine, never had an issue, and I have gone through two DEF refills during routine service visits.

Diesel availability was never an issue for me - most of the branded fuels (Shell, Chevron, etc) all list their stations and the fuel they offer. Here is the Chevron website. Most also have a smartphone app showing the same info. I have never had to stop at a truck stop and got messy like you indicate.

Improved mileage IMO cannot be overlooked . . . for me, it translates to fewer visits to the pump!

Again thanks for the write - as mentioned earlier these are DEFINITELY the relevant issues one should consider before getting into a diesel.

My next X5 (say 8-10 years from now) will hopefully be a diesel-hybrid! Wishful thinking - doubt BMW will produce a diesel-hybrid.
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