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Originally Posted by RPsX5d View Post
Tlon, thanks for the write up . . . the points you raise are indeed very valid and are CERTAINLY the ones that one should consider before venturing into a diesel for the first time.

Just out of curiosity - given what you knew about diesels, what were the reasons that got you to try a diesel?

I have a 2011 X5d and my other car is an 8-cylinder, 4.8L petrol engine. You are right about the noise - particularly the note they produce . . . IMO they are both very nice in their own respective ways, can't say I like one better than the other.

Regarding DEF warning, sorry to hear about that, I read that was a software glitch and is now fixed. I have ~24,000 miles on mine, never had an issue, and I have gone through two DEF refills during routine service visits.

Diesel availability was never an issue for me - most of the branded fuels (Shell, Chevron, etc) all list their stations and the fuel they offer. Here is the Chevron website. Most also have a smartphone app showing the same info. I have never had to stop at a truck stop and got messy like you indicate.

Improved mileage IMO cannot be overlooked . . . for me, it translates to fewer visits to the pump!

Again thanks for the write - as mentioned earlier these are DEFINITELY the relevant issues one should consider before getting into a diesel.

My next X5 (say 8-10 years from now) will hopefully be a diesel-hybrid! Wishful thinking - doubt BMW will produce a diesel-hybrid.
Hi there.

I actually didn't know much about diesels when I leased my 35d. It was my first. My one test drive was in less than ideal circumstances, including having a idling 18-wheeler at the dealer so I attributed the idle sound to that and not the car. I was also backed into a corner on the end (and extension) of my previous lease and had to jump quickly. The diesels (and diesel fuel) were cheaper at the time, got better mileage, and had a tax credit, so I gave it a go. But I immediately knew the car wasn't for me. I actually called the dealer the next business day to see if I could return it for a 35i Premium, but was told it was too late. I tried to love it for a year, and honestly driving in DS mode did give me pause -- the car is meant for the gear ratio -- about letting it go.

But the engine just never sounded right to me. I tend to be somewhat in tune with the engine. Years of driving a manual, I guess. The engine sound just always bothered me. Always felt off.

I don't drive enough (about 10k a year) to make the extra mpg a huge deal, though it does of course help and was really amazing on long car rides. I was able to make a trip that used to require one-two stops with no stops. Amazing. With the rising diesel prices, though, it's little actual savings for me now. If I was doing mostly highway driving, I'd probably stick with the diesel.

I do have a few of the fuel finders for my iPhone, and most of the time it was fine. I had a handful of problems in more rural areas when traveling out of town, though. The fuel finders also didn't distinguish between car pumps or truck stops.

All this said, If I hadn't got the new 35i for the same monthly payment, I wouldn't have made the swap. It was too good a deal to pass up, and I got a bunch of additional options and a newer car.
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