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Pictures of all three vacuum endcaps in the E39

Because of the ambiguity of the realoemm endcap diagrams ... I'm only slowly finding pictures for the locations for the (up to) THREE vacuum endcaps.

Note: If you already have a picture or diagram of these (up to) three vacuum endcaps, please post.
  • This diagram loosely intimates there is one capped vacuum port:
  • This diagram outright says there are three capped vacuum ports:
I 'think' pictures or diagrams of those three vacuum endcaps might be:

1) #17, 7mm (between 17/64" & 19/32") endcap for the M54 engine rear vacuum port:

2) #15, 3.5mm endcap (between 1/8" & 9/64" ID) for the CCV valve vacuum port.


3) #15, 3.5mm endcap (between 1/8" & 9/64" ID) for the air pump vacuum port if you don't have an air pump (see details from Steve on this below).

Originally Posted by Steve530 View Post
The three capped-off vacuum ports might be explained here:
Parts required are:
- 3.3mm Vacuum hose, part # 11657803732 (order a metre of it)
- 7mm Cap for an unused vacuum port, part # 11611727176
- 3.5mm Cap IF you don't have the air pump (see below), part # 11611437560 (you may need a couple of these ...)
Not all M54 engines have the air pump ... if you don't have it, you will have a small blanking cap at the back of the manifold. Replace the blanking cap (3.5mm one) as they perish / split over time. ...
Beside the above connection / blanking cap, there will be a bigger vacuum cap (7mm) - replace this too, as they're even worse for splitting / perishing.
Next, there's a 3.3mm vacuum line going to the vacuum reservoir located very awkwardly next to the starter motor. This vacuum reservoir provides a constant vacuum (if required) for the exhaust flap IF you have one. Mine is disconnected, so I stripped out this hose & plugged the port on the inlet mainfold. However, if you want to keep the thing in operation, replace this hose too with the 3.3mm vacuum hose. If you don't have the vacuum reservoir / flap, replace the 3.5mm plug like for like (part no. 11611437560).

Under the inlet manifold, tucked away above the throttle body, is the oil separator valve (cyclone, CCV, whatever you want to call it). On older models, this had a vacuum hose attached to it, the other end of which was connected to the fuel pressure regulator on the fuel rail at the top front of the engine. This diagram shows the valve, the vacuum hose to the fuel pressure regulator being part # 6: ... The M54 engine saw the fuel pressure regulator change positions, and it was integrated in the fuel filter underneath the car. As BMW didn't want to develop a whole new oil separator valve, they simply capped the redundant vacuum port with a blanking cap. So part 6 on the M54 cars is a blanking cap, which again can split, and should be replaced where possible (difficult access) by part # 11611437560. Real OEM & dealers are unclear on this, so trust me.
NOTE: This endcap is variously termed as a:
- Rubber bunge
- Vacuum endcap
- Cap
- Blanking cap
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