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The only way you are going to make 300 rwhp is with forced induction. A really strong NA engine with every bolt on is mid 250's. You can make more, but it's going to be a race engine with a life measured in the 1000's of miles. It will have no torque below 3.5K rpm, and be pretty useless in everyday driving.

The stock bottom end is good to about 500hp, It's really robust. After that you probably want forged rods. The crank is forged. You'd probably want a ATI super crank damper too.

Entry level FI kits will make about 285-300 rwhp. From there it's just a question of money....

Anything more than 350-400 whp is a waste if you aren't drag racing. (that's my opinion) You just can't put the power to the ground unless you are going straight, (that's a fact) It is fun, but it isn't really the fast way to get somewhere...

Says the guy with 320 rwhp... (which is just about perfect...) but boost is a drug and you always do want more....
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