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Originally Posted by Superhart1977 View Post
I did an oil change using another forum. I used a purolater filter for 12.00, 8 1/2 QUARTS not liters of Mobil 1 5W-30, it says made in USA from domestic and imported components. Now I am worried that I put wrong oil in car, is this going to affect me at all. I have read so many different ways and oils to put in these cars. And also, is it true that a 2005 645ci will allert you if you put too much oil in the engine. I tried looking for the forum on how to properly check your oil in this car. Before starting car today I checked dipstick and it was over full mark. Any help do I can have peace of mind. Thanks all.

The 645ci holds 8ltr of oil with the oil filter. If you have put 8.5 ltrs in with the filter then you have over filled by 0.5ltr.
when you checked the oil did you do it 10 mins ish after running the engine fro a short period to allow the oil to dissipate through the engine.
What a 0.5 ltr in excess will do, I am not certain, but the easiest way would be to remove the oil filter drain it and then return back into the engine. this will remove a reasonable amount of oil to get you back to 8 ltrs
Mobil 1 is an excellent oil and is used by BMW rebranded as I understand. I do not think it will damage your car as I have been using it for years in my 6er

Always said I would go back to a 6 series

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