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Mein Auto: 1994 530i
I'm more than likely going to be taking over my parents '03 325i with the Steptronic. They bought it in '08 with about 65k on the clock. No history of tranny fluid changes and they haven't done it either. The car is sitting in my garage right now while we decide if we are buying it from them or selling it for them. It has 144k on the clock and has had no issues with the tranny whatsoever. I'm debating on the fluid/filter change right now. I'm noticing that not many folks on here are mentioning their year or model of car and most of them don't have it listed under "mein auto" either. I'd also like to hear, as others have mentioned, what people's experience has been when changing the fluid after 125k miles or so.
'94 530i
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