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Originally Posted by doru View Post
What is the cost of the speakers?
BSW sells their "kit" for about 500 bux (stage 1)
1 set (two woofers + two tweeters) were about $130. Two sets would be about $260. I installed one set in my front doors (two woofers + 2 tweeters). The store I normally but from, Crutchfield, list this model at $300 even for 1 set.

I am a little annoyed because the BMW amp seems to have cutoff the lower range of the door woofers. IMHO, when fading 100% to the front the woofers sound more like mid range and it is NOT due to the speakers.

That being said the overall sound quality has more depth to it and is less muffled. I had to back my treble down two notches due to the clarity of the new tweeters. They play far more notes simultaneously than the OEM tweeters.

- HUGE IDEA - Need thoughts on the following:

Based on this wiring diagram of the OEM non-DSP amp the front speaker output from the head unit are pins 23 - 26 on the amp.

Non DSP - Need to verify this is correct

12 Pin Connector - Front woofers = pins 1 through 4
26 Pin Connector - Front tweeters = pins 16 through 19
26 Pin Connector - Front speaker Output from Head Unit = pins 23 through 26

I have read that the OEM AMP is moreso a powered, 10 channel crossover vs a signal amplifier. I read the Head Unit is the power driver, not the OEM Amp. If this is true (IF I SAY) one could:

1) Tap into the front speaker outputs from the head unit (do it in the trunk near the OEM amp).
2) Sever the amp output to the front door woofers and tweeters
3) Install the crossover units that came with the Boston Acoustics for the left and right woofer/tweeter
4) Leave the mid-range speakers connected to the OEM amp

Unless I receive intel suggesting otherwise I'm going to try this with ONE front door woofer to see if it works. My theory is the crossover that came with the Boston Acoustics will pass the full range of the woofer vs the limited range being passed by the OEM Amp/crossover.

I do not know how well the head unit will drive the speaker though if what I read about the head unit is incorrect.



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