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Originally Posted by seemyad View Post
- HUGE IDEA - Need thoughts on the following:

I have read that the OEM AMP is moreso a powered, 10 channel crossover vs a signal amplifier. I read the Head Unit is the power driver, not the OEM Amp. If this is true (IF I SAY) one could:

1) Tap into the front speaker outputs from the head unit (do it in the trunk near the OEM amp).
2) Sever the amp output to the front door woofers and tweeters
3) Install the crossover units that came with the Boston Acoustics for the left and right woofer/tweeter
4) Leave the mid-range speakers connected to the OEM amp

You may be partially correct. The crossover may be electronic and be integrated into the amp. This would then send power in a specific frequency range to each speaker, eliminating the need for a passive crossover. I don't think the head unit generates ANY power, just signal to the amp. Either way, what you propose should not work.

IF what you suggest is correct, you would be unable to properly blend the volume levels of the various speakers. In addition, the tweeter and bass would overlap with the mids, since they would be using a two way x-over. I cannot imagine this sounding very good.

IF what I suggest (integrated electronic crossover in the amp) is correct, it would not allow you to use the passive x-over from BA either as you would not have a full signal available to split. Keep in mind, the BA uses a 2-way x-over and the OEM system is a three way, which includes the mid.

When I replaced my door speakers, I simply replaced the old woofer with the new component woofer, using the same wiring from the stock amp & x-over. I did the same with the tweeter and I left the original mid in place. I did not use the speaker supplied x-over. I found that I needed to actually turn down my high end a bit to get the proper balance. Since I added a subwoofer, I turn down the bass on the head unit to reduce distortion in the door speakers but have it bumped higher on the subwoofer.
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