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Hi All

I have been very busy with a lot of other things my health beeing the most important. but here is an update. The borescope I bought is to big for the tube so thats out, i did some head scrathing thinking back to my drag racing days trying to come up with somthing that disolves carbon, there isn't a lot out there, how ever I tryed some off the wall things and I think I mite have come up with somthing. I made a blast gun using a snap-on syphon gun and I blasted a gun cleaning solvent called hoppies #9 i used two 9oz bottels and let it sit over night, then with the car runnig I use a strong solution of Tide laundry detergent and hot water and blasted about a gallon of that.

OK I know you are thinking this guy is a nut but here is my thinking, the gun cleaning solvent does a very good job on powder residue and lead foulling in guns, the Tide has a high alkline content and i know from jet engine cleaning that when a high alkikine soap and water is turned to steam ( thats why the engine is runnig ) it will disovle all kinds of crap. also if the engine is running it won't hydraulic lock a cylinder.

Now for the bad news when I started this project all I had was low flow on bank 2 the divers side, when I got done with my project everything was going well until my pump stoped working, that said I took the pump out and bench tested it and an acorn fell out it so now it works, when i put it back in I must not have hook up the air hose rite and it sound like a vaccuum cleaner from the 60s and I haven't had the time to take it all apart and fix it so i still have a bank 1 and 2 failure. When I get it fixed I will report back. How ever I am getting ready for my winter project of pulling the motor to clean the ports if I need to. So keep in touch for up dates and we will get this fixed yet
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