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Originally Posted by JimLev View Post
Seemyad, the lower the impedance the more power the speaker will draw.
My old front tweeters were 8 ohms, the rears were 4 ohms.
All of the new BA's are 4 ohms.
I use to have my treble set to +1, now it's at -1.
Jim, my front tweeter lables show 2 ohms (I'll double check when I make it home). If not for the label what you state makes 100% sense. I found it odd to see a mix of OEM 2 0hm, 4ohm, and 8 ohm speakers in the front door which is why it stands out in my memory (I will still double check).

- EDIT -

My OEM tweeters are 8 ohms

The ink faded on one of them to make it look like 2 vs 8.


If anyone is going to upgrade their system can you check the front mid speaker wires colors at the speaker and let me know? I didn't start to take many notes until I had the front door panels back on.

If any of you want the real spreadsheet, PM me with your email address and I'll send it to you.
The mid-range front door speaker wires are:

Green = negative (I assume due to the woofer. The speaker is not labeled)
Green/black = positive (I assume)

The woofer front door speakers are:

Green = negative
Green/black = positive

The front tweeters are: (will double check this evening and report back)

Yellow = negative (speaker is labeled)
Yellow/red= positive

- EDIT -

Confirmed tweeter color code.


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