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I decided to see what the Boston Acoustics sound like without the OEM amp. Just ordered a small amp to drive the Boston Acustics installed in my front doors.

They had cheaper amps but the 102db sensitivity on this one played a role in my decision. They also have stronger amps available for a little more cost ($12) but I considered the current sound and opted against going much louder. My goal is improved depth and clarity at moderate volume levels vs drawing attention from people that are impressed with loud, obnoxious, "look at me due to my disturbing you" music.

I am curious to see (hear) the impact of opening the input to the Boston Acustics to their designed frequency range vs responding to the limitations of the OEM amp crossover. It may make the overall sound better. It may make it worse but curiosity has me by the gnads.

Modified planned to see what the speakers sound like with the crossovers that came with them so I intend to:

1) Install the amp
2) Tap into the front speaker outputs from the head unit (do it in the trunk near the OEM amp).
3) Sever the OEM amp output to the front door woofers and tweeters (crimp on quick disconnects)
4) Install the crossover units that came with the Boston Acoustic speakers betwen the after market amd and the speakers
4) Leave the OEM mid-range speakers connected to the OEM amp (may test the sound without these mids as well)
5) Report my findings here

One immediate gain will be impedence matching the 4 ohm BA tweeters with a 4 ohm/2 ohm amp.

Considering either suspending the amp from the rear deck bracket (that might be cool) OR just outside the location of the OEM amp OR outside the battery compartment (needs air to keep cool). Should have it in this weekend.


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