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JOEBRY... I am taking the X3 in for service (Winter tires & wheels) next week and they will investigate corrective action for me. Thus far, tips from other forum members have been useful. Leave it in Sport mode and the hesitation is almost not noticeable. However, switching to Sport mode each time I come to a stop.. I may as well drive a standard transmission!

All my life I have been used to have vehicles move forward as soon as I released the brake pedal while on flat terrain and acceleration was immediate upon touching the gas pedal. So far it is rarely the case with the X3 28i. Looks like it could be the nature of the animal that I did not notice in the test drive because the salesperson was encouraging me to step on it so I could appreciate the competitiveness of the vehicle at intersections.

Under normal driving conditions 80 to 90% of the time, the delay in getting started from a dead stop still ranges from 1 to 2 seconds. Up to 3 seconds have sometimes been experienced particularly if a 90 degree turn is involved. I have managed to greatly minimize the problem when I leave it in Sport mode when I start moving... particularly if I have passengers.

However, if you have a heavy foot you might not notice much the delayed action and gas mileage will fluctuate accordingly.

Still, it is a great vehicle to drive and I am hopeful to resolve this issue next week. I only have some 1300 miles on it and it could be that the vehicle is not completely broken in.

Now that you are aware of the issue, don't hesitate to test drive one.
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